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Code beige for Code Coco

Alongside black and white, beige completes Chanel’s emblematic trio of colors. It represents a particularly elegant shade of gold, obtained thanks to an exclusive alloy. In 2019, two years after its launch on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the company’s entry into the watchmaking world, it is in turn adopted by the Code Coco model. The most “coded” of Chanel’s watch creations showcases beige gold on the broad scale enabled by its expansive design. Beige gold for the case. Beige gold on both dials, as well as the inner bezel rings and hands. Beige gold for the quilted-pattern bracelet resembling the leather of the 2.55 bag created in February 1955 by Mademoiselle Chanel. Beige gold for the bezel-clasp that slides around the dials with a smooth click. And finally, beige gold for the spring bar, itself borrowed from the 2.55, which is placed horizontally or vertically to reveal or hide the hours. The quintessentially Chanel watch is lit up by 52 diamonds gracing the bezel and 152 – including one featuring a princess cut – adorning the dials.


Code Coco beige gold

CASE : beige gold, beige gold bezel-clasp set with diamonds, water-resistant to 30m DIMENSIONS : 38.1 x 21.50mm MOVEMENT : high-precision quartz FUNCTIONS : hours, minutes DIAL : diamonds, beige gold inner bezel rings and hands BRACELET : beige gold

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