Christian Le Squer – Head of the V (Paris)

Right off the bat, the Michelin three-star chef of the V emphasizes that the time factor is essential in the field of haute cuisine, as much in its creations and preparations as in the history of its dishes. While the latter may be ephemeral creations, they become indelible memories, sentimental “time-keepers” that accompany us for a lifetime. Chef Le Squer has always nurtured a strong penchant for watches, especially in the Michelin-star stages of his professional life, which have been marked at each new level with a new model.

What was the first watch you owned ?

As far as I remember, at the start of my career I was especially fond of a Seiko diver’s watch. As a native of Brittany, water and the ocean are an essential part of my life and this steel, masculine, water-resistant watch with its refined design suited me perfectly.

Which model did you choose to celebrate your first Michelin star ?

At that time, I was in charge of the kitchens at Café de la Paix and I was terribly attracted to Jaeger-Le-Coultre’s Reverso Grande Taille (large-size) models, so I treated myself to one to mark this first success. I still wear it, as it reminds me of the importance of resilience, of a job well done and of constantly moving ahead.

And for the second star you earned while still at the Café de la Paix ?

I must have been ahead of my time (laughs) as I was not yet 40 and nonetheless bought myself a Rolex Submariner. There was this impression of sustainability, reliability and the quintessence of Swiss Made. This elegant, sporty and definitely easy-wear model was to bring me luck.

How about when you got your first third star at Ledoyen ?

I remained firmly attached to Swiss watchmaking expertise and this time it was a Piaget Protocole XL in white gold that found its place on my wrist. I immediately liked the rectangular design ; it exuded a two-fold aura of strength and discretion. It’s one of my favorite watches.

So your arrival at the V rewarded by a third star deserved another watch ?

Yes, it’s a kind of ritual. As you know, haute cuisine cultivates a level of excellence that requires energy, time and commands respect for its own sake, its dishes, its teams and above all its customers. Treating myself to a watch is probably a gentle way of attempting to “tame” time, which has since the start of my career become a kind of friend. I therefore chose a new Piaget Emperador Coussin model, and I’m actually wearing it today…

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