Mirroring the spirit of Fine Watchmaking since 2000, GMT also institutionalized the 12th Art (the art of time measurement), is the media partner of Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève and launched the Geneva Watch Tour. The only B2C watches magazine, certified by REMP, GMT also offers the highest publication frequency.

GMT’s editorial content is exclusive and varied, balanced and rich, written by experienced journalists including chief editors from the best foreign specialist magazines, as well as experts such as watchmakers and architects. Choose your editorial world by positioning your advertisement close to the relevant quarterly section that best matches your strategy.

GMT magazine is published 6 times a year in Switzerland : five editions in a trilingual A4 publication, an XXL format English-language, Fine Watchmaking special summer edition.

As 80% of watches sold in Switzerland are bought by tourists, GMT is published in both English/French and English/German. Both effective and innovative, its distribution system targets watch buyers and collectors in particular, as well as high net worth individuals.

Every edition is accompagnied by online displays and communication.GMT is a privileged media partner of the Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix, Worldtempus, Only Watch at the Monaco Yacht Show and the Geneva Watch Tour.

Pour plus d’informations ou des questions, merci de contacter Camille Guille :

  • camille.guille@gmtmag.com
  • Tél: +41 22 404 20 22

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