All that glitters…

Right from the time its launch in 2018, it became clear that the Clifton Baumatic had a lot going for it. The first steel versions had shown that Baume & Mercier had given itself the means to offer considerable substance, and at an eminently affordable price. The red gold version of this model once again proves this point. The design remains unchanged, since this Clifton is sleek, stylish, elegant and brimming with details, such as its undulating lugs and the long, beautifully polished chamfer running along the satin-finish case middle. The choice of red gold, which is in fact a pink gold creating an especially warm visual effect, accentuates these features. The dial is a slightly creamy shade of white and perfectly chic. The crosshair marking its cardinal points is a sign that the movement operating inside is chronometer-certified. This is a slightly modified version of the Baumatic launched last year. Non-magnetic, ultra-reliable and endowed with a five-day power reserve, its only new feature is the fact that its balancespring is no longer made of silicon, without affecting the characteristics of the movement. Once again, the price is very reasonable : CHF 6800 for a Swiss watch, equipped with a caliber that is anything but basic, comfortable autonomy, COSC certification, and a gold case that has not been designed from a cost-saving perspective. This model thus represents a rare and perhaps unique achievement.

Journaliste expert en horlogerie et correspondant régulier de WorldTempus, David alimente notre rubrique technique.

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