High-altitude Haute Horlogerie

Ever heard of serpentinite ? This rock of marine origin, widely found in the Alps, is a major player in the geological history that shaped these magnificent landscapes at a time when man did not yet exist. The serpentinite that covers the entire dial of the Grande Seconde Moon Swiss Serpentinite comes from the slopes of the Matterhorn, Switzerland’s emblem par excellence. Particularly brittle and easily scratched, it attests to the expertise in crafting minerals cultivated by the Jaquet Droz artisans. This rock, a witness to the immemorial ages of the Earth, makes a perfect match with the moon, an eternal and fascinating heavenly body that imparts a unique rhythm to our understanding of time and adds a touch of mystery and poetry to timepieces. Placed in the oversized date of the large seconds subdial, the serpentine moon disk blends seamlessly into the dial of this model, revealing a realistic 22K white gold moon and 18K white gold stars. This particularly discreet moon cleverly hides its astronomical face, which is controlled by the “135 mechanism”. Built around a 135-tooth moon disk – compared with 59 for a standard moon phase – it guarantees a degree of accuracy such that the error is only one day every 122 years and 46 days. In honor of its native land, Jaquet Droz is issuing this 88-piece special edition exclusively for the Swiss market.

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