Les Ambassadeurs : Les Ambassadeurs also remains …

The network of Les Ambassadeurs boutiques has been entirely renovated in due style throughout Switzerland, from Geneva through Lugano and St. Moritz to Zurich. Their cutting-edge architecture enables the clientele to discover their products in a high-quality atmosphere spread between exhibition and sales areas on the ground floor, the Espace Connaisseur on the upper floor, and After-Sales Service on the lower floor


The three floors of the boutique are clearly focused on total client service, from repairs on the lower ground floor through the ground floor sales area to events for collectors and enthusiasts held in specially dedicated “Espace Connaisseur” rooms on the first floor

Founded in 1964, Les Ambassadeurs celebrated last year its 50th anniversary in Geneva, Lugano, St Moritz and Zurich. By coincidence back in 1964, the Café “Les Ambassadeurs” on Geneva’s Rue du Rhône closed down. This was a famous bistro, which was regarded as one of the most sought-after meeting places among diplomatic circles for 20 years. The founder of Les Ambassadeurs turned out to be a true visionary when he decided to adopt this name which was both nice sounding and meaningful, as well as clearly expressing the corporate philosophy. It was in the building formerly housing the café that the first Boutique – now one of four – opened. Ever since its founding, Les Ambassadeurs has always focused on the wishes of both its national and international clients. Still today, much of the clientele is Swiss and local roots have always been regarded as very important and are still amongst its basic values. For over 50 years Les Ambassadeurs has been the reference in its field, faithfully accompanying and advising a great many watch and jewelry enthusiasts. Whether in relationships with customers or watch brands, solid partnerships have always been the most important factor in the history of Les Ambassadeurs. In 2015 the success story will continue with the opening of a fifth boutique in Lucerne.


After-sales sevice

A mechanical watch needs to properly maintained and Les Ambassadeurs After-Sales Service is one of its strong points. On the lower floor of each boutique, the in-house specialists take care of watches requiring repairs. The literal transparency of the workshops enables Les Ambassadeurs clients to get an idea of the maintenance required by a watch. In this respect, the watchmakers’ professional, specialised advice is a key value amongst the after-sales services offered.


Espace connaisseur

In addition to its exceptional portfolio consisting of watches by major brands, Les Ambassadeurs also offers exclusive access to models belonging to limited series as well as unique collector’s items, which can only be viewed at the Espace Connaisseur. This is an area specifically reserved for fine watchmaking connoisseurs and avid collectors of rare watches. This VIP lounge features comfortable sofas, precious wooden flooring and high-tech equipment. Visitors are welcomed in a gentle, relaxing atmosphere, providing them with an opportunity to examine specialized works in peace. Exclusive private evening events are organized on a regular basis in the Espace Connaisseur, naturally targeting connoisseurs and enthusiasts in order to facilitate exchanges with experts on selected fine watchmaking themes.


Urwerk and its futuristic watches that explore new ways of displaying time are entirely at home in such a setting among 30 other exclusive watch and jewelry brands and some accessory brands.

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