The total refinement of Bovet engravings

With the Edouard Bovet Tourbillon, the Maison is once again staging an encounter between cutting-edge mechanics and supremely refined decorative arts. This exceptional watch is beautifully enhanced by the art of engraving and guilloché work, two skills masterfully cultivated within the Manufacture.


10-Day Triple Time Zone Flying Tourbillon with Hemispherical Earth Maps and Reversed Hand-Fitting, Bovet

While the sophistication of the workmanship is immediately apparent, grasping the full nature of the exceptional craftsmanship lavished by the Bovet artisans on the 10-Day Triple Time Zone Flying Tourbillon with Hemispherical Earth Maps and Reversed Hand-Fitting takes time… The kind of unlimited time required to appreciate the aesthetic refinement adorning the surface, along with the technical mastery involved in its beating heart. Aesthetically speaking, the Edouard Bovet Tourbillon showcases delicate engraving and guilloché work visible on both sides of the watch. On the front, the blue lacquered dial glowing with remarkable brilliance highlights a new fan-type guilloché pattern. Its exquisite finesse is echoed by the equally fascinating Fleurisanne engravings that have become a Bovet specialty and which adorn the movement mainplate. However, the art of decoration – the boundless care devoted to even the smallest details – is not confined to aesthetics. The twin-faced tourbillon – a Bovet-patented development unveiled in 2015 and entirely redesigned to equip this new timepiece – has been the object of particular attention in terms of its construction. To minimize its weight, its carriage is made from titanium. Despite the inherent difficulties involved in working with this material, the in-house artisans have succeeded in rounding off the bridge arms. In another detail testifying to the extreme refinement of this model, the titanium domes housing the patented spherical 24-hour display of two additional time zones are engraved to depict the redesigned world map. The surface of the oceans has been lowered to accommodate the blue Super-LumiNova®. The resulting visual effect is truly stunning and is equally only by the technical virtuosity with which the Bovet watchmakers have succeeded in artfully arranging the 427 parts of the exclusive movement within this 60-piece limited edition. The epitome of high art, in every sense of the term !

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