Boghossian Jeweler of the extraordinary

One might well be tempted to believe that it all starts here, in this light, airy office located in an opulent building on the right bank of the Rhône. Affording a magnificent view of the jet d’eau, this aesthetic haven features walls lined with showcases displaying magnificent collections of antique jewelry, minaudières in eggshell marquetry and other objets d’art embodying rare and delicate forms of expertise. While Albert Boghossian has naturally surrounded himself here with such cherished objects, it is nonetheless from well beyond the walls of his Geneva office that this aesthete of Armenian origin derives the inspiration governing the creation of Boghossian jewelry. Initially trained as an expert in the gemstone trade, he has brought back from his many travels a wealth of diverse tastes and an eclectic aesthetic in which traditional arts and ancestral skills meet contemporary shapes and volumes. From 2008 onwards, with the Bogh’Art label recently renamed Boghossian, his jewelry creations at the crossroads between East and West appeal by their intrinsic originality. Albert Boghossian has indeed based the DNA of his firm on the Mughal spirit, the Indian inlay art most famously embodied by the Taj Mahal. Inlaying precious stones at the heart of a second gem highlights exceptional expertise that the artisans of the brand have developed in response to the mingled inspirations provided by Albert Boghossian and the Creative Director, Edmond Chin.


The lithe grace of a dancer

The incredible jewelry collections by Boghossian are the precious fruit of this combined inspiration drawn from art, fashion, culture and design, as is clearly apparent in the new Ballet Oriental collection composed of sensual arabesques and curves. The flowing nature of a dancer’s movements is depicted with incredible dexterity. Paved with the finest diamonds and rubies, the Saut d’Ange jewelry set embodies the lightness, suppleness and bold freedom of a ballerina flitting across a stage. Cut and set with infinite precision, the precious stones cling like a second skin. As Albert Boghossian points out: “There is always a great deal of femininity in our creations. They are inspired by our own history.” Epitomizing the encounter between the aesthetic refinement of the Mughal or Andalusian traditions and modern Western culture, Boghossian jewelry springs to life to embrace a woman’s body. An entrancing vision…

Journaliste spécialisée en horlogerie, la plume de Marie présente les nouveautés tout en s'occupant de la rubrique Architecture.

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