Dreamy hours

You’re romantic

A stolen kiss beneath a starry sky. A moonlit evening with your darling ? In a loving garden studded with precious stones, time glides romantically by. Il Giardino Notturno evokes imaginary lands of light and shadows where precious skills bloom. The spangled effect of aventurine glass mingled with shimmering mother-of-pearl and sparkling diamonds springs to life by the effect of a mechanical self-winding movement. Bvlgari flies you to the moon and sets your heart fluttering in ethereal bliss…


You’re independent 

You proudly proclaim your ability to make your own decisions and choices. And if you were to find yourself caught up in the wonderful spiral of love, the RM 51-02 would inevitably remind you of your supremely independent inner nature! The diamond cascading along 14 arcs fanning out from the tourbillon as well as along the lines of the case make a striking contrast with black sapphires, providing an eloquent reminder of your dual nature : fiercely independent yet tender-hearted. You can choose to express your passion for Richard Mille, especially given its unique ability to nurture the sense that you are a rare individual, since there are only 33 RM 51-02 watches on the planet.


You’re passionate

You never do things by halves, you are whole-hearted and passionate. When in love, you live at an intense pace. Feelings are even stronger when undisguised, as reflected in your watch. A powerful design, the absolute purity of black and a flamboyant row of diamonds : the TAG Heuer Carrera Cara Delevingne  model reveals a fiery personality. Don’t crack under pressure ? No chance…



You’re possessive

Yours and yours alone, at your side every second, every minute and every hour, by day and night. Who or what ? Your man… but also your timepiece. The Cadenas watch captures the essence of sentimental attachment. Clothed in gold and sprinkled with diamonds, this precious watch gem reinterpreting an original model unveiled by Van Cleef & Arpels in 1935 confirms that whether in love or watchmaking, sharing is not an option.


You’re sentimental

They got married and lived happily ever after… You believe in fairytales and are not afraid to say so ! The Marguerite watch gracing your wrist proudly flaunts this aspect of your personality. When you have a free moment and are dreaming about the magic of love, you revel in contemplating the graceful flight of the two butterflies fluttering around the petals of the emblematic flower adorning Christophe Claret’s  inimitable ladies’ watches. The hours and minutes numerals fade away to leave space for the French phrase “Il m’aime passionnément”. Who might that be ? Prince Charming of course !

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