The Ambassadors’ Ball

For high-spirited women

There are countless reasons to love Cameron Diaz. Because she is beautiful and funny, sexy, dynamic and totally unpredictable. Because turning 40 is a light-hearted business with her. An amazing woman capable of switching to and fro between Hollywood blockbusters and experimental films, Cameron is not the kind to play the remote and untouchable fashion-mag icon, instead preferring to keep active on all fronts. In association with TAG Heuer, she raises funds to promote women’s independence, particularly via UN Women. All those keen to resemble her will opt for the Link Lady with its diamond-set bezel.


For sporty women

She is widely regarded as accurate, serious, rigorous and of course eminently sporty by nature. A leading figure in women’s golf recently chosen by Richard Mille to join its elite team of ambassadors, female golf champion Diana Luna already has an impressive track record featuring 31 top-ten finishes, five wins on the European tour and five in the Italian PGA tour. Add to that the fact that she now wears a Richard Mille on her wrist, and this new icon clearly has the credentials of a true connoisseur. Ladies wishing to follow her swing will go for the RM 007 in titanium.



For sensitive women

What messages does Diane Kruger convey? She speaks to us of vulnerability, extreme sensitivity, determination, grace and beauty. Above all, the stunning actress tells us a story that we are naturally led to believe: that of a personality with many different faces. In turn ballerina, fashion model and actress, the lovely Diane is quite simplify the embodiment of the woman we all wish to resemble. If only… To at least move in that direction, one can follow her lead by adopting the Rendez-Vous “Night & Day” in 34 mm pink gold by Jaeger-LeCoultre.


For caring women 

Generosity, beauty, refinement, intelligence… these are just some of the qualities one can ascribe to the delightful Inès Sastre, another perfect example of a woman taking her 40s in elegant stride. The actress and leading fashion model now serving as ambassador of Frédérique Constant in its charity endeavours, particularly by supporting the World Heart Foundation, directly touches our souls as women and mothers. Because we too believe in loving freely and abundantly, we also wear the Ladies World Heart Federation Automatic.



For capable women

She embodies that to which we all aspire. Feminine, sexy and intelligent, Jacky Bracamontes is a beauty queen, an experienced businesswoman, a devoted wife and a fulfilled mother. The former Miss Mexico, now a recognised actress, is the new face of Hublot ladies’ watches. Independence, character, family, loyalty… As brand CEO Ricardo Guadalupe enthuses : “Jacky is today’s woman. She successfully juggles her career, her role as a wife and mother – making her a symbolic and obvious choice for us”. To reflect her charisma, one will naturally choose the Big Bang 41 mm in red gold featuring a bezel set with 114 diamonds.


For caring women (another role model)

One cannot help admiring the woman unanimously considered one of the greatest female tennis players ever. While Stefanie Graf earned fame by winning 22 Grand Slam titles, she is now firmly committed to charity work. Her association Children for Tomorrow supports projects aimed at helping children traumatised by war, exile, persecution and violence. A steely character combined with innate elegance and heart-felt generosity… To feel even just a tiny bit more like her, we opt for the Longines Conquest Classic 29.50 mm-diameter model set with 30 diamonds.


For fatal beauties

Beauty, sensuality, glamour… and of course amazing talent! Chinese actress Gong Li has everything it takes to inspire dreams and touch the heart. Famed for her magnificent performances in Red Sorghum and Farewell my Concubine, Gong Li is one of the new faces of Piaget. She embodies the grace, elegance and modernity to which we all aspire. To resemble her, women will go for the Limelight Gala.


Charm and glamour on the wrist of Cameron Diaz with the Link Lady by TAG Heuer.


Obviously titanium, naturally technical, necessarily by Richard Mille. Exactly the watch one would expect on the wrist of golfer Diana Luna with the RM 007.


We all have something of Diane Kruger in us : namely an ability to cultivate various facets of our personality. Just like the alternating periods of the 24-hour cycle, the Rendez-Vous “Night & Day” by Jaeger-LeCoultre evokes this multiple nature.


Elegance of the heart, both literally and figuratively, revealed in all its splendour by Inès Sastre who smiles at the passing of time. The trump card on her sleeve is the Frédérique Constant Ladies World Heart Federation Automatic.


A strong, dynamic character and a resolutely modern nature are the qualities jointly evoked by Jacky Bracamontes and her Big Bang 41mm by Hublot.


Determination and benevolence make the perfect love match for Stefanie Graf who chooses a Conquest Classic by Longines.


A stellar watch made for her, but also and above all for those of us who, like Gong Li, opt for Piaget and its superb Limelight Gala.

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