Focus: GRAFF

Blossoming jewelry

Laurence Graff is a great lover – of precious gems, naturally, but also and above all of colored stones that have over the years become a signature of his Londonbased brand. This spring, with daffodils blooming in gardens everywhere, Graff unveils a collection of jewelry watches whose centerpiece blossoms under the intense glow of yellow Fancy Vivid diamonds. Entirely carpeted with 60 diamonds totally over 25 carats, this jewelry watch is a true feat. First of all, because it is extremely difficult to bring together so many diamonds of such large size ; and also because their aesthetically pleasing and almost invisible setting reveals impressive artisanal virtuosity. In order to preserve the supple feel of the bracelet, dedicated development work on the links was conducted in Graff’s technical department. Another element illustrating the delicacy of the work and the attention to detail is the crown that almost vanishes beneath the precious sparkle of diamonds.

Journaliste spécialisée en horlogerie, la plume de Marie présente les nouveautés tout en s'occupant de la rubrique Architecture.

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