Piaget : Precious blossoms

Following on naturally from its predecessors – Limelight Magic Hour with its pivoting case, Limelight Twice featuring a reversible case and Limelight Dancing Light with a spinning décor – the Limelight Blooming Rose invents a whole new move. Its case represents a flower, a Piaget rose of course, which opens and closes in step with its owner’s mood. In its barely opened rosebud state, it features four delicately curved petals, forming a corolla that hides a second one that progressively unfurls when the first is given a 45-degree twist. Working this magic is a totally invisible mechanism mysteriously orchestrated by masters of their art. When in full bloom, the flower-case is composed of eight petals paved with a total of 256 brilliant-cut diamonds. A fresh demonstration of Piaget’s boundless creativity backed by authentic ingenuity.

Journaliste experte en horlogerie, Marie présente des nouveautés et s’occupe de la rubrique 12e Art (l’art de la mesure du temps), qui établit un parallèle avec les arts classiques.

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