FAVRE-LEUBA: Gipfelstürmer

Bivouac 9000

GEHÄUSE: Titan, beidseitig drehbare Lünette mit anodisiertem Aluminium-Insert, wasserdicht bis 30 Meter


WERK: Mechanikwerk mit Handaufzug, 65 Stunden Gangreserve

FUNKTIONEN: Stunden, Minuten, kleine Sekunde, Datum, Barometer und Höhenmesser, Gangreserveanzeige

ZIFFERBLATT: steingrau, mit Leuchtstoff beschichtete Indexe und Zeiger (Stunden und Minuten)

ARMBAND: Leder, Dornschnalle

In 2017, Favre-Leuba celebrated its 280th anniversary by introducing the first mechanical watch to feature both a barometer and an altimeter enabling an accurate display of altitudes of up to 9,000m. This means it could be used for any ascension on earth, since no peak reaches quite that high. The Bivouac 9000 was inspired by the legendary 1962 Bivouac model that was limited to 3,000 meters at the time. The rotating bezel bears a scale graduated up to 3,000m in 50-meter increments, swept over by a red central hand and complemented by a 3 o’clock subdial indicating the climb up to 9,000m by three sub-divisions of 3,000m each. The latter also displays potential changes in pressure at the same altitude, a means of estimating weather conditions. On the technical side, this latest model is equipped with advanced technical features that considerably improve its performance in every respect. In terms of design, it is entirely in line with the brand’s existing creations, of which it reinterprets the characteristic elements, while adopting a minimalist style designed to ensure optimal legibility.

Die Uhrenfachjournalistin enthüllt die Neuheiten und pflegt die Rubrik 12. Kunst (Kunst der Zeitmessung), die eine Parallele mit den klassischen Künsten zieht.

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