Jacob & Co. : Bewitching gemsetting

Both mechanical gem and aesthetic treasure, the one-of-akind Millionnaire watch reflects the exceptional expertise of Jacob & Co. in the delicate realm of gemsetting. No less than 269 Asscher-cut diamonds clothe the entirely skeletonized tourbillon caliber with a unique glow showcasing dazzling mastery

Jacob-&-Co-3Jacob & Co. has never concealed its penchant for the extraordinary, sometimes revealed in a precious small detail. It often bursts onto the scene through its distinctive and instantly recognizable manner of endowing each creation with superlative attributes. “Spectacular” is undoubtedly the word best suited to the watch and jewelry models introduced by the brand headed by Jacob Arabo for more than a quarter of a century. The Millionnaire watch is no exception to the rule. Better still, it vividly embodies the association of in-house skills. On the one hand, the quest for technical sophistication is expressed through the transparency of the hand-wound skeleton tourbillon caliber, proudly flaunting the secrets of its construction notably including hand-finished angles. On the other, the Millionnaire is also distinguished by the dizzyingly brilliant gemsetting virtuosity that transforms the case into a luminous jewel case, sparkling with fiery radiance as it catches the light from all angles.

To achieve such a result, the Jacob & Co. artisans have associated their various crafts, knowledge and skills. Behind the stage of such marvelous artistry, everything begins with the meticulous choice of the 269 yellow diamonds destined to adorn the watch. Their brilliance and purity are of course the essential prerequisites. Their cut must also enable them to reveal their full splendor. Finally, the gemologist is careful to select perfectly identical gems serving to create a homogenous setting of which the surface will be as soft to the touch as a gentle caress.
Jacob-&-Co-1To embellish the Millionnaire model, the Asscher-cut yellow diamonds were thus selected with the greatest care. This cut invented by Joseph Asscher in the early 20th century enjoyed its heyday during the Roaring Twenties. Resembling a square emerald cut with diagonal-cut corners, the Asscher cut features a vast number of facets, a characteristic that endows the precious gems not only with incredible brilliance, but also with a unique vintage charm. A total of 54 diamonds of approximately 1.5cts each light up the 46 x 35mm yellow gold case with mesmerizing flamboyance. The show continues on the bracelet, also set with 203 Asscher-cut yellow diamonds. This statuesque 138.21-carat model radiates exceptional brilliance that surrounds time with precious shimmering reflections – apparently untamable and yet entirely mastered by artisans at the peak of their art.

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