3D at the heart of watchmaking : Le truc

Created at the end of 2007 by three Supinfocom graduates, Le Truc is currently the 3D specialist. Ten years of experience in the development of 3D images and films for the watch industry have enabled Fabrice Rabhi, Fabien Corrente and David Delarue to forge solid expertise in this field. Respectively serving as CEO & Art Director, Production Manager and Technical Manager, the three 3D animators currently employ a team of nine people constituting a fine strike force for this Geneva-based company that is 60% dedicated to watchmaking. “Our team is youthful and dynamic,” explains Fabrice Rabhi. “And above all, it is fairly stable, which is quite rare in the 3D world. People thus gain experience in-house.” But Le Truc’s considerable experience with watchmaking techniques is not its only asset. “We can provide fast responses within short deadlines because we are extremely well equipped in terms of machinery. Le Truc has a lot of fire power in a profession that calls for a vast number of calculations”, adds the CEO. This range of qualities has enabled Le Truc to gain the trust of prestigious clients such as Audemars Piguet (whose corporate film won the Best Design & Communication Award at Imagina 2010), Panerai, de Grisogono, Piaget, TAG Heuer, Breguet and Raymond Weil.


RGB Prod, quality reigns supreme

“A lot of people are doing 3D in the watch industry these days. But there are all kinds of 3D, and we are determined to remain in a high-quality register!” Stéphanie Ruchonnet, who joined forces with Jean-Marie Bucher in 2007 to create RGT Prod, emphasises their excellent knowledge of watchmaking. “To be honest, I don’t think that someone who doesn’t know watchmaking would be capable of creating a 3D image of the 2450 movement by Vacheron Constantin as we have done”, she points out. Initially based on the combined expertise of Stéphanie Ruchonnet in the field of 3D and of Jean-Marie Bucher in the field of video, the company named after the initials of the Red Green Blue colour coding does 65% of its business with clients from the watch industry. The two associates work with three staff members: one dedicated to after effects, a 3D animator, and an apprentice who works on 3D. While both associates initially wished to develop their two activity sectors in parallel, video currently seems to be superseding 3D – even though the latter technology is perfectly well mastered by RGB Prod, which regularly works with clients such as Vacheron Constantin, Parmigiani, Cvstos, Zenith and Franck Muller in creating freeze frames, films as well as undertaking experimental development.


CoandCo, 3D serving global communication

Print, film, web… The Paris-based CoandCo communication agency does not confine its activities to any single one of these media. Founded in 1993 by Bertrand Rouchaud and Olivier Conan, the CoandCo company is a global communication agency dedicated to serving luxury brands with high added value. It is in particular the communication agency for Vacheron Constantin, but also works for Tudor, Rolex, Piaget, Longines, Van Cleef & Arpels and Century in the watchmaking sector. “3D is not a goal, but rather a means to achieve a goal”, says Bernard Rouchaud. “We see this technology as a means that will enable us to produce the most beautiful possible image.” The twelve-strong staff of CoandCo have not made 3D one of their strong points “But it is definitely not a weak point. We use it where appropriate, and only if it’s necessary”, points out the co-director. Pure 3D therefore represents only a small proportion of the work of this Parisian agency which does not consider it as an end itself, although it is perfectly well acquainted with all its intricacies.


Magma Studio, watchmaking from all angles

Magma Studio’s undeniable asset is doubtless its status as an expert in the field of horology. Founded in 2001 by Cédric Grandperret, Manuel Garcia and Cédric Vaucher, Magma Studio initially pursued a purely technical vocation. Respectively specialising in construction and development, prototype making and imaging, the three associates have always regarded 3D as a decision-making tool. Initially ignored by the watch industry during its first year of existence, Magma Studio first worked with event-oriented companies. At the end of 2002, the company signed its very first watchmaking contract with the Jorg Hysek company, for which it personalised a tourbillon, developed and made a case, assembled the movement and delivered the final product. Today, Magma Studio employs seven people and works exclusively for the watch industry, in association with brands such as Hublot, Perrelet, Chanel, Bvlgari, Louis Erard, Maurice Lacroix, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Cartier and Montblanc. Whether through CAM (Computer Assisted Manufacturing) or images created for marketing purposes, Magma Studio is distinguished by its impressive technical mastery. “We are first and foremost watchmakers, not graphic designers”, says Cédric Grandperret. “We have always refused to make theoretical-type images. We start from the 3D file which is the hub of the wheel; there is no other possible interpretation. 3D visuals intended for marketing have to begin there.”

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