Bvlgari a unique signature

Its eyes seem to pierce your very soul as its body coils sinuously around the wrist. Its gentle venom has been exercising a magnetic attraction since the 1940s, perpetually reinvented by Bvlgari. Having achieved emblematic status, notably thanks to Liz Taylor whose passion for it was immortalized on the set of Cleopatra in 1963, Serpenti is now enjoying a subtle metamorphosis as a sensual watch and entrancing jewelry that cling to women like a second skin. In its watchmaking version, the perfect undulations of the snake are now achieved without the inner spring featured on the traditional models. Adorned with diamonds or shiny red lacquer, the powerful gold reptile slithers around the wrist with infinite gentleness. The links forming its lithe body are cut out on the side to let light flood in and accentuate the radiance of the precious stones. An unmistakable Bvlgari signature that has become an integral part of the brand identity, Serpenti is also an irresistible jewelry collection that Bvlgari combines with the contemporary supple charm of its iconic spiral, the Tubogas. Swaying softly between sensuality and wisdom, this precious serpent shows no signs of shedding its seductive power.


Color contrasts

Sensuality, glamorous elegance and strong design are also the keynotes of the Diva collection. Roman inspiration is clearly perceptible in the fan-shaped outline reinterpreting the motifs adorning the mosaics of the famous Caracalla thermal baths built in 216 AD. Rome’s inimitable aesthetic delicacy is thus expressed through 26 new generous jewelry creations highlighting the delightful color contrasts of cornaline, lapis lazuli and malachite, as well as diamonds, turquoise, onyx and mother-of-pearl. The watchmaking alter ego of the Diva jewelry collection draws its strength from the same creative sources. Featuring a blend of Roman design codes, technical innovation and Swiss watchmaking know-how, the fan motif is stylishly interpreted on three new pink gold models accentuating the unique visual effect of acetate. These elegantly sophisticated diamond-set creations radiate a unique glow, endowing time with a singular dimension that is quintessentially Bvlgari.

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