Foreword : Enduring endeavours forge a worldwide reputation

Dear readers, dear passionate devotees of Swiss watchmaking, I wish to extend my sincere congratulations to the entire GMT team for this 12th anniversary. 12 years of presenting and explaining the watchmaking world. The specialised trade press is a necessary factor in the development of the sector. Swiss watches are no ordinary products when one stops to consider the countless facets they comprise : functions, materials, crafts, quality, precision, tradition and innovation. All these facets need to be explained so that consumers can grasp them fully and thus become aware of all that is hidden inside a Swiss watch.

The figure 12 is a legendary number in watchmaking, and a new initiative is now associating it with the art of watchmaking. This project effectively reinforces all the activities aimed at training the spotlight on our industry in order to elicit curiosity and wonderment.

Why is Swiss watchmaking so successful ? Because the watches are appealing and because the brands are able to target their efforts in response to genuine needs and wishes. The answer seems so simple, and yet it implies considerable investment in terms of research and development, technology, design and production, as well as a commitment to marketing and communication, backed by meticulous organisation and effective control of distribution ! Enduring endeavours forge a worldwide reputation, to such an extent that Swiss watchmaking truly is an art form, and indeed why not the 12th  ?

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