Watch Sales Academy

Like many other young people of the time, Ignaz Steg did a summer job during his studies, which happened to be for a major watch and jewelry retailer. “I was hired for two months. To begin with I mostly served coffee, and then I began selling Swatch models and tourist souvenirs. After this initial contact with the workplace, I was not yet sure which path I would take. The following summer, I went back and realized that the watchmaking world really interested me. I therefore began gathering information and studying the useful foundations for selling watches, gradually taking on temporary jobs with the same retailer.”


And are you still there?

“No, I changed employers three times in 12 years, enabling me to acquire a broad high-quality experience. After this period I applied to Les Ambassadeurs, where after three months I was offered the position of Assistant Manager. Meanwhile, I discovered the existence of the Federal Certificate for sales assistants in the watchmaking sector. After carefully studying the syllabus, I saw that the emphasis was placed on the technical aspects. As I’m not a watchmaker by training, I was aware that sales assistants tend to lack certain knowledge in this area, so I felt that the certificate would enhance my skill-set.”


What did you derive from this traning?

“First of all recognition in professional circles, along with more confidence and strength. Today, I can explain and be more definite about describing timepieces because I know that what I’m saying is correct. It also gave me an overall view of products. In terms of my career, it also helped me, as I was appointed Manager of the “Les Ambassadeurs” boutique in Geneva five years ago. The knowledge acquired during the training course leading to the certificate serves me in running the business as well as giving me the assurance that stems from a firmly grounded watchmaking culture. Finally, I really enjoyed going to Le Locle to take classes, visiting exceptional Manufactures, as well as meeting the greatest professionals in the company of other candidates for the certificate. In a nutshell, it’s an amazing tool that considerably facilitates my day-to-day work at the “Les Ambassadeurs” boutique.

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