Historical monuments

THE PONT DE LA MACHINE BUILDING (1872), owes its name to the hydraulic machine that previously supplied pressurized water to craftsmen and establishments like the Grand Théâtre. Today it is home to the Cité du Temps, where the impressive collection of Swatches created since 1982 can be viewed, as well as a photo exhibition starting on June 17th 2015 on the theme of “Watchmaking DNA in Geneva’s architecture through the four seasons”. Pont de la Machine, 1204 Geneva


SUNDIAL (1974) Located close to the Flower Clock, the dial given to the city by Gübelin displays the time of day as well as the equation of time : the difference between solar time and mean time. The clever play of light and shadow also makes it possible to read the date and indicates the height of the sun. Quai du Général Guisan, 1206 Geneva


THE JET D’EAU (1891) initially regulated the pressure of the waterworks that distributed the hydraulic power of the Rhône to Geneva craftsmen (1886). Located at the Coulouvrenière factory, it only shot 30m into the air. Today, its 500 liters/second push the water at 200km/h to 140 meters high. Quai Gustave-Ador, 1207 Geneva


THE FLOWER CLOCK (1955) doubly reflects the passing of time : its seconds hand is the longest in the world (2,50 meters), and its 6,500 flowers change with the passing seasons.  Quai du Général-Guisan, 1204 Geneva 


THE RUE DU RHÔNE is the cradle of luxury shopping, where the most prestigious watch brands vie with each other in displaying their innate elegance. No other city offers such a high concentration of illustrious names ! Rue du Rhône, 1204 Geneva


THE MALBUISSON CLOCK (1962) and the pealing of its 16 bells every hour provides an amazing mechanical procession of 42 bronze characters, on the theme of the Escalade, a key moment in the history of the city. Galerie Jean-Malbuisson, 1204 Geneva


THE REFORMATION WALL (1909) which is around a hundred meters long, looks back on the movement led by Jean Calvin, which sealed Geneva’s watchmaking destiny. Promenade des Bastions 1, 1204 Geneva 


“WHAT IS THE TIME ?” CLOCK (2010) Born of a design competition, the public clock on the Uni-Dufour building offers a new way of telling the time which encourages passers-by to take their time when seeing what the time is, word by word.  Rue du Général-Dufour 24, 1204 Geneva


THE PATEK PHILIPPE MUSEUM (2001) has a permanent exhibition on four floors of the brand’s timepieces as well as its historic collections consisting mainly of watches, musical boxes, and miniature portraits painted on enamel.  Rue des Vieux-Grenadiers 7, 1205 Geneva


THE QUAI DE L’ÎLE is regarded as the cradle of the “cabinotiers” including the Maison Vacheron Constantin which continues this spirit in this very place. On the top floors of the surrounding buildings one can see the small square windows of the watchmakers’ former workshops known as “cabinets”.  Quai de l’Ile 7, 1204 Geneva

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