Basel : Cheval Blanc

Invited by an important Qatari collector to share his table with a few friends during Baselworld, and upon running into the heads of the two biggest independent family brands, I immediately realized that this was undoubtedly the best address in Basel. Located inside the Trois Rois, the oldest hotel in Switzerland, the Cheval Blanc unreservedly deserves its two Michelin stars and its Gault & Millau 18. There are no aesthetic excesses when it comes to the décor, which remains classical and elegant. The appreciable between the tables encourages privacy for your tastebuds and comfort when it comes to dining with friends. The ‘conductor’ orchestrating this gourmet symphony, Peter Knogl, is focused on the gustatory stage-setting that is such an essential part of the dining experience. What an amazing parade in one’s plate! Once the choice has been made between an extremely copious menu (notably featuring fish) and a carefully dosed tasting menu, it is hard to actually cut into the veritable ephemeral work of art that appears in the guise of an incredibly well-presented plate of food. Fortunately, the call to taste gains the upper hand and any regret is swiftly swallowed. Despite the fact that the excellent service is not a surprise in a gourmet restaurant worthy of its name, the attentiveness and pleasant nature of the waiters should be highlighted. The wine list is also worth the trip, as is having a last drink at the bar. And here too, the man running the show has won awards in his profession and is ranked as one of the world’s top ten best bartenders.


Cheval Blanc

Blumenrain 8, 4001 Basel

+41 61 260 50 07

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