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The Dimier collection is the only one in the Bovet collection that does not have a crown positioned at 12 o’clock and does not feature the brand’s traditional bow. It was launched in 2007 and named in tribute to the artisans of the eponymous Manufacture bought up a year earlier by Pascal Raffy, already sole owner of Bovet since 2001.

This tribute is certainly well-deserved in light of the efforts undertaken to reorganise the Manufacture and to raise the tourbillons now bearing the Dimier signature to the very peak of hand-crafted Fine Watchmaking. Contrary to what its name implies, Récital 0, the latest introduction to the collection, is in fact the eighth such accomplishment and embodies the fundamental values of the tourbillon.


Exterior :

Eight different versions of this new model are available right from the start. The Récital 0 watches comes in 41 and 45 mm-diameter versions, in red or white gold, each with an optional baguette diamond-set bezel. For a Bovet model, the case might at first glance appear to be rather classical, with four lugs to secure the wristband and the crown placed at 3 o’clock. However, a closer look reveals that the exterior plays a more important role than one might think in the success of this model. The thickness of the stepped lugs and the profile of the case middle give this watch an ideally proportioned contemporary style. Nonetheless, it is the inner diameter of the case middle that features the most ingenious elements. The absence of a dial provides ample scope to admire its subtle nature. The movement appears to be levitating in the centre of the case. Seven tabs machined in the case middle and arranged between 9 and 3 o’clock serve as hour-markers, while the movement is secured only to the two tabs along the horizontal axis. The complexity of the case machining is also evidenced in the visual emphasis of the tourbillon carriage at 6 o’clock. The endpieces of the alligator leather strap enable attractive integration within the case, while optimising wearer comfort for any wrist size.


Movement :

Considerable ground has been covered in barely five years ! The tourbillons of the Manufacture Dimier have evolved in a truly spectacular manner, both in technical and aesthetic terms, as is vividly illustrated by the Calibre DM 1501 powering the Récital 0. Its construction is built around a modern openworked architectural concept. The appearance of the beadblasted, chamfered and polished bridges and mainplate is truly impressive and highlights the respective volumes of the components with disconcerting efficiency. The mirror-polished steel parts and the various wheels and pinions appear most distinctly thanks to the refined contrasting effects. Like other movements from the Manufacture, this calibre draws its energy from two barrels guaranteeing constant force throughout its seven full days of autonomy. However, the most remarkable breakthrough lies at the very heart of the matter : the tourbillon carriage. The weight of the latter has been reduced to the absolute minimum and its 14 mm diameter amounts to almost half the total movement diameter ! Moreover, it is probably the only tourbillon currently on the market to be equipped with a “negative” fixed wheel (apart from the other references from the Manufacture Dimier). This means that no wheel and pinion of the going train impinges on the surface of the tourbillon carriage, thereby sublimating the overall transparency effect. Finally, the shape of the carriage bridges forms a delightful smile and also contributes to the impression of a carriage detached from the rest of the movement. Hours and minutes are displayed by blued central hands, and the three spokes of the seconds hand, borne by the upper tourbillon pivot, follow each other along a clever 20-second graduated scale engraved and lacquered on the concentric part of the inner bezel ring. The range of information displayed in the upper part of the vertical axis is completed by the power-reserve indication.


Tests :

Right from the start, Récital 0 exercises a winning appeal. The quality of execution and the level of finishing immediately procure the certainty that the timing results will match this excellence. But since testing is of course the main purpose of this column, here are the results. The measures were conducted at maximum winding (with springs slightly relaxed), after 24 hours, and then after five days. At maximum state of wind, the rates measured in the six positions ranged between +7 seconds / day and +13 seconds / day, and all the pleasingly stable and well regrouped amplitudes were above 300°. After 24 hours, the rates were optimised between +6 seconds / day and +11 seconds / day, while the amplitudes were ideally situated between 287° and 313°. Finally, and this is where the measurement is more significant, after five days of operation, the rates remained virtually unchanged and the delta was in fact even narrower, with measurements ranging from +7 seconds/day to +11 seconds per day. The amplitudes were quite logically lower, while remaining at exceptional levels between 247° and 281° !!! The real power reserve (measured just once) was five hours more than the 7 days claimed.

Despite the twin barrel and the huge power reserve, watchmakers found an ideal means of ensuring that the manual winding requires very little force and a very reasonable number of turns of the crown. In the absence of a balance-stop (or rather tourbillon-stop) device, the perfectly calculated friction-tight fitting of the indented cannon-pinion on the centre-arbor enables time-setting to the nearest second. Finally, despite the broad new strap, the Récital 0 wraps smoothly around the wrist to ensure optimal comfort.


By way of conclusion :

Although it has not been the object of numerous patent registrations, has not served as the test lab for a revolutionary new alloy, and does not feature a vast number of complications, the architecture, aesthetic appeal and remarkable performances of the Récital 0 make it a unique and genuinely innovative timepiece. This new reference single-handedly embodies collectors’ legitimate wish to be offered creations in which over-the-top excess is superseded by the fundamental values of Haute Horlogerie as they were defined by the pioneers of time measurement over two centuries ago.

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