Like many watch icons, the Laureato collection was created in


Urban Jürgensen springs a real surprise by adding four references


The object of this test bench incorporates the latest advances in Zenith’s research as part of its quest for chronometry. The track explored in

The Octo collection is enjoying growing success across the broad spectrum it encompasses. This recognition is doubtless due to its iconic design, but in

Since 2015, Patek Philippe has been offering pilot’s watches. That was the launch year of Reference 5524, introduced in white gold with a blue

One could easily devote an entire issue of your favorite magazine to an exhaustive analysis of the model under scrutiny in this new test

Urban Jürgensen’s noteworthy return to the forefront of the watchmaking scene looks set to last, doubtless due as much to the remarkable quality of

To debut the new layout of your favorite magazine, the GMT editorial team has chosen to devote this Test Bench article to a watch

This is a test bench that delighted the present author, since Games where, the Geneva-based manufacturer is in this instance offering a watch that

For decades, the Geneva-based brand has served as the gold standard, the ultimate benchmark on the flourishing Fine Watchmaking scene. It is thus with

While we have for 20 years been familiar with the distinctive structure of German watch movements and their identity featuring specific and fascinating finishing,

Urban Jürgensen has a fascinating, long, uninterrupted and authentic history. While the brand has changed owners several times in the past decades, neither its

The J12 has been enjoying ongoing success for the past 16 years and the arrival of the Monsieur de Chanel watch may well confirm

It’s been several years since Blancpain breathed new life into its iconic collection of “Fifty Fathoms” diver’s watches. By reinterpreting the appealing aesthetic of

Panerai occupies a unique position in the watchmaking world. Although the original “Officine” was created in 1860, the watches it produces only became available

Exterior : Do we need reminding that it was that the stunning design of this Nautilus was born in the brilliant mind of Gérald Genta ? The

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