Night of Diamonds

Just as one slips into an evening dress, it is a good idea to wear an exquisite, elegant watch when night falls. A hot date, gala evening or a clubbing outing will set the rhythm. We all know a heroine who missed the striking of midnight, lost her glass slipper and went home in a pumpkin due to the missing carriage. On the red carpet, 20th century Cinderellas are also not always keen on wearing an accessory that is a constant reminder of the passing of time. Ever since watches have started to look more and more like pieces of jewelry than instruments which provide the time, the options have become far more appealing. In our following selection of watches, you’ll find models to go with a bodyguard or even better, with a Prince Charming. In both cases, the creation has been the subject of spectacular gem-setting that definitely ups the ante. The other criteria that all these pieces have in common is diamonds. So keep the following principle in mind : if you are looking for a watch to go out with, don’t forget the rich man that goes with it. And, keep your loved one close by in case you forget the time. It would be a pity to go home by taxi instead of a Porsche Carrera.



During the day, one barely notices it. When night falls, it absorbs every ounce of energy. Its 15.5 mm diameter melts onto the most delicate wrists. It favourite stamping ground is a hot date where its discretion is at its most precious. Careful nevertheless to be on time for lovers’ meetings. Its quartz movement has a regular rewinding system. So no excuse any more for being half an hour late.

Faubourg watch by Hermès



Remember The Great Gatsby ? So does Piaget. The brand has developed a watch that would be perfect on Francis Scott Fitzgerald’s heroes or even better, on the wrist of the novel’s heroine, Daisy Buchanan. The ultimate dream, daring hopes : daily life takes on a feeling of an adventure when this secret watch is worn. Its 708 brilliant-cut diamonds are as effective as a bit of escapism with a novel.

Limelight Secret Watch by Piaget



It turns everything in its path upside down with its graphic design in rhodium- plated 18-carat white gold, its diamonds and its black enamel. This is a watch which enjoys combining genres – elegance and a rock’n’roll attitude – but which only suits the chicest wrists. At the very epicenter of glamour.

Haute Joaillerie watch by Cartier


Femme fatale

It displays a Machiavellian talent for mastering the symbols of seduction: a dark side with its silver grey dial and a luminous elegance with its 18-carat pink gold bezel set with 34 baguette-cut diamonds. Its 12 diamonds mark off the time in precious style. Know, oh perfect beauty who wears it, that time is anything but an accessory with this unique piece.

J12 Chromatic Joaillerie by Chanel




1,700. That is the number of hours required to set this piece with its 958 baguette-cut and 1,978 diamonds totaling 65 carats. And with good reason. This jewelry watch is an outstanding celebration of the 20th anniversary of the brand’s icon : the Happy Sport. So for all the candidates at debutante balls who would like to make their grand entrance into society with a piece like this on their wrists, the question of buying it goes back to the knight with whom one opens the ball. Daddy ?

Happy Sport Diamantissimo by Chopard



Nature is a source of creativity that is far more likely to inspire the night world than one might think. Thus, the flower of this secret watch blossoms magically at the heart of the most beautiful evenings.

Secret Floral Watch by Graff


Spice girl

Sparkling on a red carpet, enlivening a sober suit or lighting up the dance floor : the Tondo by Night is the perfect companion for shining moments. The adventure begins in the dark : the fires accumulated during daytime make the watch glow from the inside, giving new life to the technical pearly material of which it is made.

Tondo by Night by de Grisogono

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